Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and the hands of your therapist

Eyebrows frame the face, enhancing the appearance of warmth and depth. Without correctly shaped eyebrows, some women feel uncomfortable. Permanent make-up allows you to reconstruct your eyebrows, through a precise technique that can change the overall shape of your eyebrow hair’s pattern. Individual eyebrow hairs can be replicated, or a subtle lash enhancement can be employed to create a shadowed appearance. The results look perfectly natural and realistic.

Eyes  treatment can enhance and define the shape of your eyes, making them bigger and brighter. Permanent fine eyeliner can be added to create a subtle lash effect and smokey shadow.

Lips only the luckiest of individuals are blessed with full, sensual lips. Permanent liner can be applied to enhance the definition and shape of your lips, and colour can be added to create the illusion of lipstick.