Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and the hands of your therapist

Aesthetic treatments

Lip enhancement with premium dermal filler

Mesotherapy uses the cocktails of various materials subject to the skin problem

Biorevitalization is a stimulating therapy – the skin revitalizes itself due to hyaluronic acid preparations.

Facial treatments:

Non-surgical face-lift CACI micro-current face lifting technology successfully lifts and tones tired muscles and smoothers out and reduces the fine lines and wrinkles that form around the face and neck area. Benefits:Reduced lines & wrinkles.Facial muscles lifted & toned.Firmer facial contours.A more youthful appearance.Finer pores due to increased elasticity.Reduced puffiness from around the eyes.Improved acne skin.Fresher improved complexion.Much younger skin texture.Released expression and stress lines.Improved moisture retention.Micro-current non-surgical face lift will successfully lift and tone tired, sagging muscles, smooth out and reduce lines and wrinkles that have formed around the eyes, forehead, mouth, cheeks, neck and throat area.Micro-current non-surgical face lift improves the circulation and assists the anti-aging process, resulting in a much improved, more youthful appearance See and feel the difference…with fantastic results.

Natural fruit peel facial treatment The Peel treatments  use natural elements such as enzymes from plants, AHA acids and extracts from fruits and Beta Hydroxy Acids. Retinol is a derivative of vitamin A and is extremely useful in rejuvenation procedures. It works from inside, acting on the cell matrix and strengthening it enough to work against the daily wear and tear – physical and psychological influences. There is a great deal of stress humans cope with on a daily basis because of emotional upheaval and depression. Their lifestyles, personal lives, careers take a toll on the emotional health and when one cannot grapple with this tension, the appearance is the first thing that is affected.

The super lift treatment gives a retinol spurt which rejuvenates the skin from within. Procollagen, Elastin and Glycosaminoglycen make the skin cells hardier so that they can handle the rough blows dealt out by the daily grind.

The procedure begins with gentle to deeper exfoliation to get rid of dead and decaying tissue so that the skin is made ready for the next levels of treatment. The result of this comprehensive treatment is glowing and supple skin.

Age control an intensive treatment using professional skin care product helps in achiving an instant tightening and lifting effect. Age control treatment refers to the set of all procedures that reduce wrinkles, scars, laugh lines and crow feet. Exfoliation, hydrating and firming are very important for skin during middle to old age. This is what is brought about carefully and gradually with the help of these procedures. Way to go for healthy, young-looking skin!

Galvanic treatment all skin types.Galvanic increases the circulation, acts as a tonic to the skin, improving its colour. Galvanic is Soothing, Fluid in the tissues is drawn to the negative pole, which is called electro-osmosis. When the positive pole is used over an area, waste products and fluid in the tissues is drawn away from the area, relieving tension. Galvanic causes Relaxation; Warmth is produced inside the tissues, promoting relaxation. Galvanic plumps up the tissues, reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

Mature skin facial treatment an intensive treatment using professional products helps in achiving a tightening and lifting effect for younger and radiant look.

Acne skin facial treatment Young adults and some adults as well face the embarrassment of acne, commonly because of wavering hormonal activity and imbalance. Hormones play havoc with the sebaceous glands, causing sebum to get clogged in the pores of the skin. This results in eruptions. The components of treatment are of very high quality and highly effective. Acne has to be approached with a multi-pronged approach of cleansing, exfoliating, re-hydrating and rejuvenating skin, which is what we offer. These ingredients do away with the excess oil very efficiently and the chamomile extract works on calming and rehydrating the skin. The terapist treatment uses retinol (which comes from Vitamin A). It acts directly on the sebaceous glands, reducing production of sebum. Glycosaminoglycen and procollagen keep the skin supple and soft. They also aid in removing scars and blemishes from the surface of the skin. The next set of treatments aid in calming the skin and restoring its vitality by stages. Since the inflammation and soreness that comes of acne is reduces progressively, the natural elasticity and smoothness of the skin is not compromised. This treatment consists of a measured combination of sugar, lemon juice, menthol oils, mint, retinol and camphor (among others) which results in skin that not looks glowing and supple but also feels tingling fresh!

Deep cleansing treatment for all types of skin using the latest scientific technologies incl. exfoliation, treatments masques, massage. Fresh looking skin.

Sensitive skin treatment for red, sensitive, cuperosis & rosacea Blood capillaries and vessels are smoothened and relaxed, leading to a stronger epidermal layer. Skin cells are restored and rehydrated, leading to more robust skin tissue.

Dry skin treatment Benefits of treatment:

Velvety smooth skin Renewed chemical and hydration balance in skin

Reversed or delayed ageing fewer, lighter wrinkles and scars

Face massage “massage of soul” This unique manual massage for face, neck and décolleté will relax, tone, improve colour of your skin, smooth wrinkles, clarify pigment spots, pull up sagging cheeks and remove double chin. This massage includes elements of classical Japanise, Chinese, Spanish techniques. Very relaxing not to be missed treatment!